The Crucible

In the Puritan New England town of Salem, Massachusetts, a group of girls goes dancing in the forest. While dancing, they are caught by the local minister, Reverend Parris. One of the girls, Parris’s daughter Betty, falls into a coma-like state. A crowd gathers in the Parris home while rumors of witchcraft fill the town.

Cast Calendar

Mandatory Parent Meeting for Crucible cast/crew families Wednesday, September 14th at 7:00pm, Humanities Center
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Cast List for The Crucible

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Drama Teachers Association of Southern California

DTASC Fall Festival - October 22

Fall Play - The Crucible

See The Crucible on October 28, 29 and November 4, 5. All at 7:00pm
in the Humanities Center.

Musical Auditions

November 14, 15, 16 @ 3:30-5:30
Auditions will be Acting, Vocal & Dance.  Sign-up sheets will be posted on HC door on Monday morning.


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